A Breath of Fresh Air

I am excited to share with you a project that I worked with, a pharmaceutical research company in St. Louis called Sequoia Sciences.

Phase 1: The Site Audit

I loved this project. For one, before diving into a full website design project, we started with a website audit. Have I mentioned that I love site audits? This was a good fit for Sequoia Sciences, because their website was actually built and managed with Dreamweaver (whoa! blast from the past) and so their menus, navigation, and structure were very difficult to follow on their live site. The site audit helped to capture that live visitor experience, identify gaps in their content and architecture, and give us an idea of how they may want to structure the site going forward.

Phase 2: The Redesign

With the site audit in hand, that made the website design process that much smoother. I was able to sit down with key stakeholders to map out how they wanted to update their site. The number one thing I heard from them that they wanted was legitimacy, and their outdated website was a hindrance to potential partners and investors in that area. The other changes we needed to make were less about the contents of the site, and more about the framing -- ensuring we were talking to the audience in the right way. I was able to help them with that.

So with these things in mind, I helped them select a template in Squarespace and get to work. We pulled in the natural, "sequoia" images throughout the site to tie everything together. The organization and structure of the site are now much more intuitive and put the focus on the company's R&D Pipeline, the central focus of their current work.

Without further ado...

Congratulations to Sequoia Sciences on the launch of this lovely new website!