Comprehensive Consultation

Are you spending time and money on your communications and marketing without a clear direction? Do you have a million ideas for promotions but aren't sure where to start? A strategy will help clarify your vision, focus your outreach, and leverage your resources efficiently and effectively. I will work with your team to craft a customized, focused, and flexible strategy that brings together what you're doing now, offers a detailed roadmap of what to do next, and puts you on a clear path to success.

For more information about what creating a communications strategy entails, dive into more details here at my Communications Strategy Roadmap: 5 Steps to Success.

Communications Review

If you are looking for some external feedback and fresh ideas for your communications efforts, I offer a simple, lower-cost alternative to a full service strategy. I will meet with you to discuss your objectives and priorities, and then deliver a detailed report, tailored to your organization, that includes actionable feedback and creative ideas for maximizing your communications, marketing, and outreach efforts. 

People often have a tendency to want to share everything their organization does; Kimberly is great at helping you make sure your communications are focused and strategic. She is thoughtful about the best platforms to use based on your goals and how to share your organization’s story. I would highly recommend her.
— Stephanie Herbers, Washington University